The Amherst Quilt and Furniture Auction is under new management. Please send all quilts, crafts and inquiries to:

                                   Phil & Ruth Miller

                                   S 3382 Fairhaven Ave

                                   Spencer WI 54479

                                  Phone 715-570-7749 

We would like to thank everyone for attending the Amherst auctions over the past 28 years. We made a lot of new friends and enjoyed doing this sale with our families. Phil and Ruth are well prepared to continue this sale on the same dates and at the Portage County Fairgrounds in Amherst. They own the Marshfield Consignment Auction and run a multi day Central Wisconsin Horse Sale. They use the same software and have plenty of help day of auction. We will miss these sales, however, we are glad the Amherst auction will continue to grow.  

Thank you, Ron & Ryan Mader

Mader & Mader Auction Service llc

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